Just a guy that's getting almost to the point of being called 'old', sharing pictures and the occasional bit of wisdom gleaned from
six plus decades of survival.

Some confusion seems to exist... Pictures I blog herein speak to me in some manner. If you take the collection as a whole and notice the trends you'll have a bit of insight to my basic essence as a human.


hiatus: a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

So… Real Life™ is going to get much more interesting for the next 5-ish months.  Equate ‘interesting’ as hectic!

Briefly - Selling the house, lover is visiting during that time, moving ‘stuff’ to California from Texas, going on an extended summer vacation by RV (caravan) and motorcycle, visiting lover in Spain for two plus months.

As you know Tumblr-ing takes an inordinate amount of time.  That’s the one commodity that is now in short supply.

We’re at 1166 followers - we’ll see how many we have when I have time to resume tumblr-ing.

But… I may have some nice scenic type pics from my travels that will be appropriate to post - stick around if it pleases you.

Otherwise, thanks for your follow!

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